The restaurant kitchen small equipment is the next category of a restaurant owner will need to account for in their start-up budget. Depending on the size of your commercial kitchen design concept, this can be one of the more expensive restaurant kitchen equipment list categories since you may need more than one, if not several of the same item. Since the restaurant kitchen small equipment can become quite costly, it is important to carefully map out your operating structure so you don’t wind up spending more money in these item than need be.

Restaurant Kitchen Small Equipment

This is not an exhaustive list of every type of restaurant kitchen small equipment, but contains to most common pieces found in a professional restaurant kitchen.

Measuring Equipment

Regardless of the type of restaurant, all ingredients need to be weighted, measured and evaluated through the handling and preparation process. These are a few of the most necessary pieces of restaurant kitchen small equipment used for these applications.

restaurant kitchen small equipment measuring pitchers

Graduated Measuring Pitchers

These are typically used for liquid measuring by volume, and can be purchased in either pint, quart or gallon sizes. Not to be confused with your basic measuring cups, which are typically used for dry ingredient measuring by volume.

restaurant kitchen small equipment scale


Restaurant scales are used to weigh ingredients for recipe measurements as well as portion control. They can be purchased in ounce/pound and gram/kilo formats, with some manufacturers offering both imperial and metric measurements on the same scale. They can be of a spring-dial, balance beam or digital in readout.

restaurant thermometer


Instant read thermometers are used to measure the internal temperature of food either during the cooking or cooling process to ensure proper sanitation is being practiced. Readily available with digital or dial readouts, most should offer both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Specialty thermometers are also available for candy making and deep fat frying.

commercial measuring spoons

Measuring Spoons

Used to measure smaller amounts of ingredients like dried herbs, spices and baking powders. Most sets offer measurements for tablespoons, teaspoons, half teaspoons and quarter teaspoons. Do yourself a favor.. If you think you need one set of measuring spoons, buy 3. These are the most misplaced item in the kitchen!

Sieves and Strainers

Used to sift, strain and separate dry and liquid ingredients for just about every process in the kitchen. These restaurant kitchen small equipment tools are invaluable for creating a superior product.

restaurant food mill

Food Mill

This type of strainer is used to puree soft foods. Most models have interchangeable disks or drums with holes of different diameters to puree foods either smoothly or coarsely. As they appear sturdy, these are delicate pieces of equipment so care should be taken when cleaning and maintaining them.

restaurant kitchen tamis


With its fine wire mesh, these are most often for sifting dry ingredients either for baking, or to remove larger particles from finer in culinary applications. These strainers are also classically used for creating very smooth puree for use in a terrine or pate.

chinois restaurant kitchen small equipment

Chinois or China Cap

These strainers are used primarily for straining liquid ingredients and are available in various degrees of fineness. The finer wire mesh strainers are relatively expensive to it’s china cap counterpart and should be handled delicately to ensure a long usable lifespan.

restaurant kitchen colander


This sieve is available with or without a base, depending on intended use. These heavy-duty pieces of restaurant kitchen small equipment are used for everything from washing and rinsing vegetables to draining freshly cooked pasta. The drain holes are the largest of all strainers so be sure not to use it for washing smaller particle items.

heavy duty ricer

Food Ricer

Similar in use to a food mill, food ricers are typically used for cooked potatoes and work via lever-action by pushing the cook product though openings in the hopper.

Other Restaurant Kitchen Small Equipment

In addition to the items above, most restaurants will require many of the items below in various shapes and sizes.

  • Stainless Steel or Copper mixing bowls
  • Storage Containers are usually metal or plastic and come in various shapes and sizes, with or without lids
    • BPA free is recommended for plastic containers
  • French Fry Cutters
  • Tomato Slicers
  • Box Grater
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Spice Grinder

Considered to be more disposable, than restaurant kitchen small equipment; but still necessary.

  • Kitchen String
  • Cheesecloth


While you begin looking to purchase your kitchen small equipment, it is important to keep in mind the other pieces of equipment you will need when supplying your new restaurant. There are other items that will need careful consideration as well so we’ve provided a list of those below, along with links to our posts explaining how to select the items that are best for your operation.

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