The Basics

Generally speaking, the restaurant concept and the menu dictates what restaurant kitchen equipment will be required in the kitchen, to function properly. Typically, it is  the restaurant kitchen consultant, or the designer who decides this; in conjunction with the chef and owner. With their expertise, they will also be able to tell you whether the equipment should to be purchased as new, be potentially leased, or can be bought second hand. They will also be advise you on the types of materials you should use for your kitchen design and construction.

Restaurant kitchen equipment is a large capital expenditure where a good amount of time and effort are spent to ensure money is spent most effectively, that is truly in the best interest of the owner and their wallet. Here is a short, and by no means and all inclusive list of restaurant kitchen equipment you may require, depending on the menu of your kitchen. Particularly when you begin the restaurant kitchen design, or commercial kitchen design process, it is very helpful to have an idea of what you will be needing for your concept.

Kitchen Production Equipment

  • Cookware
  • Cooking Range – Electric or Gas
  • Fryer
  • Oil Filter
  • Charbroiler
  • Griddle
  • Oven – Baking /Roasting
  • Oven – Convention
  • Microwave Oven
  • Salamander
  • Steamer – Pressure and Atmospheric
  • Steam Kettle

Kitchen Preparation Equipment

  • Butcher’s Block – Chopping Table
  • Essential Commercial Knives
  • Bench or Floor Mixer
  • Mincing Machine
  • Potato Peeler
  • Slicing Machines
  • Toaster

Food Service Equipment

  • Bain-Marie – Hot water pan
  • Drink/Juice Dispenser – Kiosks
  • Multiport/Urn – Electric -Tea/Coffee
  • Tray Service Slide
  • Tray Service Belt
  • Trolleys

Dishwashing Equipment

  • Conveyor or Door Type Machine
  • Pot Washer
  • Garbage Disposal Unit


  • Walk-in Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Individual Door Type Refrigerators/Freezer
  • Storage Bin – Dry Food
  • Dry Storage Racks – Dry Food

Other Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

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