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As I was researching some new topics for my next blog post, I encountered a very informative restaurant interior design article that was done by the Washington Post, back in 2015. The synopsis is that the objective of the article was to highlight the subtle nuances that go into creating a restaurant interior design that most often go unnoticed by customers as well as employees. The selections of colors, textures, fabrics and other materials are strategically selected by architects and interior designers, much in the same way a chef selects the perfect ingredients for his or her final dish. For all intensive purposes, they have very much the same creative design process as we chef’s do… Seeing the desired end result in their mind, and systematically reverse engineering by selecting the “ingredients” that are needed to bring that final concept they see in their mind into physical reality.

The article provides some insight to the unfamiliar, by interviewing six highly experienced restaurant designers in the Washington, D.C area. As you will read through the restaurant interior design article, I’m sure you will find many similarities in their approach to design that essentially mirror those of a classically trained chef. A deep appreciation and respect for history and tradition, and using that history as the basis and framework for their creations, many of which are showcased in this restaurant interior design article.

As I read this restaurant interior design article, it really struck me as to how similar the creation process is for both designers and culinary artisans. Seeing the correlation between the two has really opened my eyes as to how I can better use my own culinary background to better inform and guide my clients as their make their own decisions when it comes to their restaurant kitchen design concept.

Happy reading!

Article: “The Secrets of Good Restaurant Design, revealed by the Pros
The Washington, Post – June 25, 2015

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