As a restaurant kitchen design firm, we do not typically get too involved in the selection of restaurant dinnerware, but I came across some very valuable information in an industry publication that I thought I should share. Almost every restaurant owner will need to at some point purchase restaurant dinnerware for their establishment and without proper planning or guidance, you could easily spend far more than is necessary.

Since restaurant dinnerware is typically one of the last items to be purchased for a new restaurant, many times that is where owners try to save money if they’ve already exceeded their anticipated construction budget. This approach can actually prove more costly in the long run if the operator purchases too few pieces of restaurant dinnerware. Most manufacturers of restaurant dinnerware will fabricate a certain amount of products in “runs.” All products fabricated in each run will be ensured to have the exact same color for each item made. Purchase too few pieces of restaurant dinnerware at the onset, and then trying to replace broken items later, after the manufacturer has exhausted their inventory on that run, will result in the replacement items not matching your current stock.

I’m sure everyone can agree that the restaurant dinnerware you use in your restaurant provides as valuable an appearance as the look of your food. So it is very important to make sure you invest in the dinnerware that is right for your concept, and in appropriate quantities. Doing so will provide a great first impression to your guests and will set the stage for the chef to allow their talents to shine!


Foodservice Equipment Reports Article: Shop Smart


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