Whether you are a new or existing business, Mise Designs also provides affordable restaurant consultant services – a service that very few design firms are able to provide. Our team will conduct a review and in-depth review of your business’s existing or future operations strategies. We help you visualize and put into action the immediate needs for your operation as well as establish benchmarks for the short and long-term goals necessary for success.

As an industry, foodservice is very complex and having a sound operational plan can be the difference between you making a profit or watching your investment evaporate before your eyes. Some of the aspects that Mise Designs consults with our clients on include:

Administrative Needs

  • Initial vs current business plan, pro forma and budget
  • ROI (return on investment) projections
  • Staff volume and payroll obligations
  • Menu costing and analysis
  • Vendor selection and product specifications

Restaurant Marketing

  • Menu mix and complexity
  • Menu format, layout and descriptions
  • Specials or current discounts being offered
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns

Kitchen Operations

  • Restaurant kitchen design (or re-design) and service area layouts
  • Flow of operations from receiving area to table top
  • Ordering processes from front to back of the house
  • Customer visits as it relates to the kitchen’s volume capacity
  • Quality, cost and waste controls
  • Menu preparation through service execution standards
  • Preparation schedules and assignment
  • Cross utilization of product evaluation
  • Inventory par levels and controls
  • Purchasing practices related to storage capacities
  • Final presentation and execution

Whether you are a new business, just getting started or if you have been in business for 20 years, Mise Design Group’s restaurant consultant services provide value in every aspect of your operations. Achieving success in the restaurant industry begins with a quality product, but ends at your bottom line, and we make sure those numbers always point towards profit!

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