The restaurant concept development of a foodservice operation is the overall plan as to how it will meet the needs and expectations of the market and standout from its competitors.  The concept development would concentrate on many things including restaurant décor, the menu, its pricing and location. This concept is the development of a unique selling point which would set this operational unit apart from its competitors.  For e.g selling amazing hamburgers @ $2, or buy one get one free on Mondays and Tuesdays, small and concise menu with limited but delicious dishes and so on so forth.

It is not unusual for persons to think of opening a restaurant chain without having any prior knowledge of the food menu and the market conditions. People might have the investment money, a passion for the food industry or a good location to start with, but may not really have enough information about the total concept of the operation. Here is where a food consultant or a chef is the best person for consultation to begin the restaurant concept development process.

Restaurant concept development precedes a kitchen design, since we do not know what needs to be created and why, the design remains futile. Some of the factors to be considered while making this concept would be menu, hours of work, mode of service, pricing and more. Some of the design concept for singe unit restaurants:

  • Fine Dining – Luxurious kitchens by great chefs for celebrities and high profile individuals.
  • Franchises – Like Chili’s, McDonald’s, and KFC.
  • Theme Restaurant – Restaurants evoking a special time, era, or a place or people. Like Elton John Music Café, or Renaissance Kitchen.
  • Family Restaurants – Relatively inexpensive place with good food.
  • Cuisine Based Restaurants – These restaurants are generally tied to their cultures from where they have are originated. Like, Mexican, Chinese, Italian or Arabic.
  • Fast Casual – Quick service with higher quality of food and more upscale environment.

Each of these categories of food-service concepts involves differences in the decor, menu, pricing and mode of service. So after having decided on the aforesaid the process finally moves to the Kitchen design where plans and drawings are made for the architects to materialize the plan.

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