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Urban Fire Pizza | Restaurant Kitchen Design

Urban Fire Pizza restaurant kitchen design project is a unique 1,900 square foot restaurant concept developed in conjunction with The Deitz Partnership. The concept allows patrons to create their own custom pizzas and sandwiches in an open kitchen environment. Products are created in front of the customer and delivered within minutes of traveling through the service area so it was critical in the design that stations be developed for not just culinary efficiency and but also ensuring that the customers flowing through the service area ended in time to pick up their order at the register.

Design parameters for this unique pizza restaurant kitchen design concept were to create an operations layout for their concept that can be utilized in the future as a template for corporate expansion and possible franchise opportunities.

The primary challenge with this restaurant kitchen design & layout project was storage capacity for each culinary area, so as to ensure an adequate amount of product on station to maintain a 200 meal service period.

Urban Fire pizza restaurant kitchen design plan

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