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Tara’s Tavern Project | Wrightstown, NJ

The Tara’s Tavern Project is a renovation and expansion of the commercial kitchen for this family operated restaurant and bar concept. Creating a from scratch menu for local population and a large amount of personnel from the nearby military base, the owners had outgrown their current culinary capabilities and tasked Mise Designs to develop an efficient restaurant kitchen concept that would allow them to reduce their customer wait time, increase table turnover and also allow them to expand and accommodate their growing demand for catering.

Since the Tara’s Tavern Project was an operating restaurant, Mise Designs preformed a detailed inventory audit of all existing equipment for use in the new commercial kitchen layout to minimize new equipment costs for the expansion. The renovation was planned to take place in stages to allow the restaurant to continue operating as long as possible while the construction of the new building addition was taking place. Major design considerations for this project was the large meal volume the kitchen needed to produce with a comparatively small amount of refrigerated, frozen and dry storage.

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Tara's Tavern Project restaurant kitchen design floorplan

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