St Bernard’s Wellness Center Project | Jonesboro, AR

The St Bernard’s Wellness Center Project was developed again in conjunction with the Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative. This concept is a quick service, from scratch operation serving healthy meals to membership of this lucrative health and wellness center.

Limited storage and cooking capabilities required creative design approaches from the team to fully implement the concept while allowing the operation to prepare simple hot meals for guests on the move. Major design considerations for the St Bernard’s Wellness Center Project were the issues that traditional cooking equipment requiring an exhaust system could not be utilized in the facility. Fortunately, Mise Designs president has extensive experience in working in just such an environment so our background in providing creative solutions to clients was of by far the greatest value to this client.

Mise Designs was contracted to provide St Bernard’s Health Wellness Café restaurant kitchen design and layout services for the foodservice areas as well as supply of all major equipment while providing consultation services to implement creative cooking strategies to negate the need for traditional gas cooking methods.

Click Here to get more information about the restaurant kitchen design and development services we provided for the St. Bernard’s Wellness Center Project.

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