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Nettie Jane’s Bakery Project | North Wales, PA

The Nettie Jane’s Bakery Project was the lifelong dream come true of the ownership and was their first entrepreneurial venture in the foodservice industry. With little more than a menu and an old Bank of America building, Mise Designs put together a dynamic team of design and construction professionals to help the owners bring their dream to life.

As the Nettie Jane’s Bakery Project managers, Mise Designs developed the bakery project floorplan for the foodservice operation with the owners based on their menu offerings, to create the critical operations component before any other aspect. This approach allowed Mise Designs to put together a development timeline that would expedite the design and construction processes, in the same way a chef would create the mise en place for a dish in a restaurant. Mise Designs was responsible for the restaurant kitchen design & layout, supply and installation of all foodservice equipment, millwork and furnishings.

The greatest challenge with the Nettie Jane’s Bakery Project was the renovation of the building itself, since it was originally constructed as bank.  A bank building design would typically not be connected to a gas main, nor did it contain adequate electrical service to supply such a complex battery of cooking and baking equipment, so it was critically important for the success of this project that every minute detail be properly outlined and addressed.

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Nettie Janes Bakery Project restaurant kitchen design floorplan

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