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Korus Restaurant Project | Beirut, Lebanon

The Korus Restaurant Project is one of the most unique restaurant kitchen concepts Mise Designs has ever had the pleasure of developing. We worked very closely with the owners, the private equity firm Blueberry Capital, Inc. to develop this multi-cuisine fine dining concept located at the heart of the Ashrafieh district in Beirut.

Mise Designs was tasked with designing not just an impressive commercial kitchen to prepare delicacies from around the globe, but also to create several open kitchen stations where diners could view their meals being prepared live. The display restaurant kitchen design concepts for the Korus Restaurant project included a Japanese sushi, teppanyaki and oyster bar, a Robata charcoal grill station, a gourmet Italian delicatessen and the K Gourmet épicerie, as well as a champagne bar where they would display an international selection of top shelf wines and spirits.

The major design challenge for the Korus Restaurant project was creating an efficiently operating system where a single table could order from multiple kitchens, while coordinating the delivery of those dishes to ensure all diners received their meals at the same time. Special attention was not only given to the individual flow and function of each culinary area, but also organizing these areas in a way that allowed the service staff to quickly move from one section to the next, without distracting from the overall dining experience of the guests.

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Korus Restaurant Project restaurant kitchen design floorplan

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