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Juice n Beans Cafe Project | Hamilton, Bermuda

The Juice n Beans Cafe Project was Mise Designs first international turn-key foodservice development project. Having very little food and beverage experience, the owners of the Juice n Beans Cafe Project contracted Mise Designs to not only create the restaurant concept for their new cafe, they also tasked Mise Designs with specialty restaurant consultant services; including menu development, costing analysis and on-site training of the ownership and staff on how to skillfully and efficiently execute the menu in order to serve hundreds of locals and tourists on a daily basis.

Utilizing the latest web conferencing software, Mise Designs worked closely with the ownership to develop their café kitchen design vision for their coffee shop and juice bar café concept.

The major challenge for this project was to keep their capital expenses substantially below what would typically be required for such an investment on the island. Mise Designs accomplished this by supplying and shipping all the foodservice equipment, as well as the custom millwork from our US distributors, while also working directly with the equipment manufacturers to ensure service capabilities are available on the island.

Click Here to read more about the restaurant kitchen design and development services we provided for the Juice n Beans Cafe Project.

Juice-n-Beans Project restaurant kitchen design floorplan

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