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Horsham Athletic Club Project | Horsham, PA

The Horsham Athletic Club Project was developed by the club ownership with OLC Designs with the intention of leasing out the space to a foodservice operator specializing in healthy fare. Having an extensive operator’s background in this environment allowed Mise Designs to develop a space that was not only functional but provided the necessary efficiency to prepare and serve healthy fare in a fast casual setting that is required in a high end health club environment.

The Horsham Athletic Club Project is another example of a luxury health club project that have an extraordinarily high cost per square foot operating cost. Keeping this in mind, the biggest design consideration was to ensure the foodservice component occupied the smallest footprint possible, while still having the ability to provide a wide range of offerings.

By keeping freezer and dry storage space to a minimum in the Horsham Athletic Club restaurant kitchen design, we not only guaranteed the use of fresh ingredients, but saved the owners thousands of dollars in equipment costs which allowed them to utilize the remaining $600 per square foot space allocation for this area for use with other revenue generating services.

Click Here for more detail about the restaurant kitchen design services we provided for the Horsham Athletic Club Project.

Horsham Athletic Club Project restaurant kitchen design floorplan

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