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The Donut Experiment | Doughnut Shop Design

The Donut Experiment, doughnut shop design project has been developed for a quickly growing niche franchise model. This doughnut shop design project is centered around the concept that doughnuts are cooked to order, and patrons have the ability to customize the doughnut to their liking. This is accomplished by offering several glaze and topping options in a display restaurant kitchen design style layout.

Due to its limited menu offerings, this franchise model has been easily reorganized to accommodate locations of various size and configurations. Mise Designs has developed several doughnut shop design projects for the brand, and we are flattered to be their single source for all foodservice design and specialty equipment supplies.

Major design considerations for this restaurant kitchen design project include the sizeable doughnut cooking and assembly area that is in full view of the customers. Creating an efficient work space, in the smallest footprint possible, while maintaining brand integrity is a goal we’ve achieved; and look forward to evolving the design with the brand as it grows into new markets.

TDE doughnut shop design

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