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Bourbon Coffee Shop design contract for Mise Designs was to develop the restaurant kitchen design, layout and supply all major foodservice equipment for two separate projects. The first is located in downtown New York City and the second in Boston, MA. These expansion concepts were developed as franchise models which would now include all in house food and bakery operations, in contrast to their start-up location which outsourced all food items for resale.

Mise Designs worked together with 2Ki Architects to develop brand specifications for design, equipment and food preparation models to be used in all future sites developed by corporate ownership and franchisees.

The main focus of these Bourbon Coffee Shop design was to establish key operational areas that can be easily replicated with all new potential franchisees. This approach separated the production areas into foodservice and coffee shop service so as each aspect could be reconfigured with the basic requirements in any new location regardless of the floor plan of the future properties.

Bourbon Coffee shop design plan

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