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Bayrut Street Food Project | Beirut, Lebanon

The Bayrut Street Food Project was another project brought to Mise Designs by the private equity firm Blueberry Capital, Inc. The long-term goal of the ownership is to franchise the concept on an international level, so our contracts included providing restaurant consultant services for both their existing and newest location; which was at the time, nearing completion of the design process.

Mise Designs was tasked to preform a comprehensive audit and report on their existing operation. This included the evaluation of the current design and layout strategy as it relates to the execution of their sizeable menu; as well as provide feedback and guidance to implement, track and monitor culinary related operating expenses to ensure their projected margins are consistently realized.

Once the thorough evaluation of their existing operation was complete, Mise Designs then used this information to provide consulting services for the restaurant kitchen design of their new Bayrut Street Food Project location in order to increase the speed and efficiency of their culinary operations.

The major design challenge for the Bayrut Street Food project is that there is very little ground up, new construction in Beirut so the prototype design model needed to be infinitely flexible in design. We accomplished this by establishing a core set of operating parameters for each station, and subsequently design them individually so they could be easily rearranged to accommodate any potential building layout we may encounter in future expansion opportunities.

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Bayrut Street Food Project restaurant kitchen design floorplan

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