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Restaurant Kitchen Design and Layout Services

Whether your restaurant kitchen design vision is of an open concept pizzeria, traditional sushi bar, gastropub-microbrewery or a white tablecloth fine dining restaurant in the heart of a thriving metropolis, they all have one thing in common… They Need to Operate Efficiently! Surrounding yourself with professionals who can understand your ideas and can guide them from a dream into reality, in the most cost-effective way possible is critical to the success of any project. This is where Mise Design Group comes in!

In a restaurant kitchen design and layout, the most critical component is “The Menu.” It helps to answer all the strategic design questions and provides guidance throughout the design and construction processes.

Unlike many restaurant kitchen design firms, Mise Designs begins our process with an analysis of your menu – we break it down into primary culinary techniques and reassemble the information in a way that seamlessly communicates our needs to the other design and construction professionals involved in your project. It is this approach in developing a restaurant kitchen design that can be the differentiator to ensuring your culinary staff have every opportunity to show off their talents to your guests.

Personalized Approach to Your Restaurant Kitchen Design

Developing the perfect restaurant kitchen design is very similar to the process of perfecting a recipe; it is as much of an art, as it is a science. The art behind a restaurant kitchen design is the understanding of how chefs use ingredients, and the techniques they employ to manipulate them while developing and executing their dishes. The science of restaurant kitchen design is provided by the consultant who brings their extensive knowledge of the equipment options that are available, and arranging these tools in such a way that allows your chefs to execute their dishes as quickly and efficiently as possible; while maintaining the highest level of sanitary standards.

Our principals of an effective restaurant kitchen design are the most unique and personalized of all the food service operations we develop for our clients. Every restaurant kitchen has its own individual identity, which must be intimately understood in order for it to function and prosper. Mise Designs will create a restaurant kitchen design and layout that will optimize your flow, function and efficiency so your artisans can flourish. This translates into a more pleasant work environment for your staff, a better experience for your customers and thus, a more profitable bottom line.

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