dining area of completed hotel kitchen design concept

Hotel Kitchen Design and Layout Services

A hotel kitchen design may include one or several restaurants, as well as vast array of  catering facilities. It is this complex hybrid of the restaurant and commercial kitchen that results in hotel kitchen layout that is unlike any other in the modern food service facility and can potentially make the design process very challenging.

Understanding the Hotel Brand and Experience

Mise Designs understands how to work within the brand specifications of an established hotel concept. We also work with developers to create a new destination concepts for business and leisure travelers. Regardless of the target demographic, the constantly changing food service environment within the hotel and resort market requires a comprehensive cross-utilization of space and a design consultant that can appreciate your property’s unique needs that only an experienced chef can provide.

Applying Local Culinary Principles

Many hotel brands provide their own list of comprehensive specifications for the hotel kitchen layout and design as a guide for designers to implement. This approach ensures continuity across the hotel brand. This also gives them the ability to have a clear and measurable element for all of their branded foodservice operations, regardless of which property a chef may find themselves in. But even with those specifications in place, each location will have its own local culinary requirements that need to be accounted for in the hotel kitchen design in order to entice the local population to dine at the hotel. It is critical that the hotel kitchen design team bring an extensive background not just in design, but also offer an intimate understanding of fundamental culinary principals to ensure the hotel kitchen layout is created to accommodate the local chefs who will be showcasing their talents to the guests.

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