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Commercial Kitchen Design and Layout Services

Whether we are talking about a catering facility, bakery, stadium, hospital, college, military base or any type of institutional food service operation, they all have one thing in common… Volume! Commercial kitchen design projects are all about generating food to feed the masses. Unlike a restaurant where meals are typically prepared à la carte, a commercial kitchen design must be created in a way that will provide the chefs the ability to cook in bulk, but with the same speed and efficiency as an à la minute kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Design Around the Menu

The menu is a key factor in keeping costs down more so with specialty operations than large, multi-functional, food service facilities. Regardless of the food products being created, it is the fundamental understanding of culinary methods and techniques that can make a “workable” commercial kitchen layout into a powerhouse of culinary output. The design process starts like any other food service operation, with a comprehensive understanding of the culinary goals for the kitchen. The cooking techniques that will be employed in a bakery will obviously be dramatically different than the culinary requirements of a hospital or institutional type setting.

The Importance of the Right Kitchen Equipment

The operational strategy of your facility, combined with our detailed knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment; is integral to a successful commercial kitchen layout concept. It is here where our commercial kitchen layout and design consultants bring our true value to a project. Our equipment expertise and brand knowledge, coupled with our firsthand operator experience; can provide your team the edge you need to help make your commercial kitchen project a success.

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