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Kitchen Design Services

In our kitchen design services, we work closely with restaurateurs, facility managers, architects and chefs to streamline the kitchen design process, regardless of the size and type of project. As experienced restaurant consultants, we are intimately familiar with the entire commercial kitchen construction process and can serve as the independent project lead or as a sub-consultant to a design firm on a larger project.

Mise Designs’ Kitchen Design Process

Your concept drives the menu, and your menu drives the kitchen, so this is where our design process begins. There are similarities and differences in approach for commercial kitchen design, hotel kitchen design and restaurant kitchen design services; but they all follow the same developmental progression from a construction standpoint.

  • Pre-Design Programming puts all the project concept and design team information on the table so we can see where we are starting, and where we need to go.
  • Conceptual & Schematic Design begins the design phase where we create the concepts and layouts based on functionality, flow and efficiency your culinary team needs.
  • Design Development is the next stage of the design process where we create the utilities and millwork details for use by other design professionals and manufacturers.
  • Construction Document Development is the completion stage of design where we compile all documents needed by contractors and for submission of your permits.

Typical hotel & restaurant kitchen design documents include:

  • Foodservice Floor Plans, Materials & Finish Specifications
  • Existing & New Wall Dimension* Plans
  • Dimensioned* Plumbing and Electrical Rough-In Plans
  • Dimensioned* Floor Penetration or Sanitary Sewer Rough-In Plans
  • Equipment and Millwork Elevations & Sections Plans
  • Foodservice Equipment Specification Sheets
  • Bid/Negotiation Documents entail the generation and evaluation of specifications for bids of foodservice equipment and construction.

*Dimensioned wall and utility plans are a service unique to Mise Designs. By adding dimensions to the utilities, with elevations wherever necessary, we make sure the construction trades know exactly what we need and where we need it. The last thing you need when you are ready to open is to find out the plug does not reach the outlet!

A Design Firm that Understands Health Code

Regardless of your concept, the “mise en place” of hotel or restaurant kitchen design starts with your concept and menu, but ends with your local health officials. Our team works with your local health officials and obtains all the forms necessary to begin the application process*. We consult with you throughout the completion of your local health code application and plan review process, to make sure your concept meets or exceeds the health code from the beginning. Our goal is 100% approval requiring no revisions, which could delay your progress by several weeks or months, wasting valuable time and money.

*Note: Building Permit fees, submitting the application and plans to the Health Department are the responsibility of the client.

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