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Hotel Kitchen Design and Layout Services

The hotel kitchen design and layout services at Mise Designs are your key to a successful hospitality project. We combine our culinary experience with design expertise to develop efficient resort and hotel kitchens all over the world. As trained professional chefs, we understand hospitality and create hotel kitchens that keep the focus on your most-valuable asset: your guest.

Every hotel kitchen will have unique needs: from accommodating local food cultures to discovering creative storage options, custom hotel kitchen design solutions are our specialty. Our team will meet and exceed your brand standards or help create your own; we provide the tools you need, so you can offer the perfect dining experience to your guests.

A Hotel Kitchen Designed Around Logistics

Many hotels and resorts can have a complex logistical web of food and beverage services, so the design approach requires a combination of strategies to join them. Some projects may include one or several restaurants, a bakery, and/or a catering type of commercial kitchen, as well as accommodations for bars or nightclubs. We understand the working relationship between these operations, and we create designs that allow them to support each other in the most efficient way possible.

The perfect resort or hotel kitchen design will, in affect, create the ideal traffic pattern or process of how food and staff will flow throughout the property. We understand how your food and beverage teams work and know what tools they need to deliver the perfect product, because we have done it. This translates into a more pleasant work environment for the staff, a better experience for the guest, and a more profitable bottom line for the owner.

Understanding the Hotel Brand Experience

We are experts at implementing brand specifications for established hotel concepts. Our team also work with developers to create new and unique destinations for business travelers, leisure tourists, and adventure seekers. Regardless of who your customer is, the foodservice environment of the hotel and resort industry is constantly changing. Brands must be able to adapt, and we make sure you are prepared for the future. We specialize in comprehensive, cross-utilization of space planning so your brand can evolve with the demands of your market.

A Hotel Kitchen Design With Local Flavor

Many hotel brands provide a list of detailed specifications for the hotel kitchen design and layout as a guide for our team to implement. This approach ensures continuity across hotel brand operations, but moreover, it creates a standard that all chefs will be familiar with, regardless of the location they may find themselves in. However, even with these standards in place, each hotel kitchen design will have its own local food culture that it must accommodate. We keep these factors in mind while developing all our hotel kitchen projects so we not only attract traveling guests but also provide a destination for local diners. Our hotel kitchen design team brings both a talented background in design and extensive knowledge of culinary techniques. We create the perfect hotel kitchens for your chefs so they can have every advantage and display their talents to your guests.

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Examples of Hotel Kitchen Design Concepts

Branded Hotel Concepts

Branded hotel concepts typically provide specific guidelines for all their hotel kitchen design and layout projects. These design guidelines provide information about what hotel kitchen equipment brands they prefer and the alternatives they find acceptable so they can easily train their engineering teams to maintain and service the equipment. Most of these hotels will also provide design requirements to accommodate menus that are standard for each location. This helps ensure consistency across the brand so their returning guests know what to expect, no matter where their travels take them.

branded hotel kitchen design concept logo

Boutique Hotel Destinations

Boutique hotel destinations look to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to their guests. Most often, these hotels are smaller than their branded counterparts and provide a more intimate setting for travelers. These unique hotel kitchen design projects need to display the authentic local flavors of the area and highlight the culture of the region. Upscale, niche services are also prevalent in these hotels and can take advantage of their unique selling points. Creating the ultimate guest experience is the hallmark of these projects, and our designers make sure you have the tools you need to achieve it.

boutique hotel kitchen design destination exterior

Recreational Resorts & Lodges

Resorts and lodges come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: recreation. These projects cater to guests who are looking for an experience that is far different than their day-to-day life. Whether travelers are seeking a place of luxurious relaxation or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, these guests all expect to enjoy the best cuisine that these destinations have to offer. We know what your guests are looking for, and our design team of chefs have the knowhow to create the ideal hotel kitchen where your team can work at their very best.

recreational resorts and lodges hotel kitchen design location

What Our Hotel Kitchen Design Clients Are Saying

I wanted to take this opportunity to commend and thank you for all of your hard work and efforts in designing the kitchens and several food service outlets at the Hilton Kampala project. Because of your understanding of the Hilton requirements and needs, Hilton Hotels Worldwide has approved the designs allowing us to move forward to the next stage of implementation. Allow this letter to serve as a recommendation of your company to other hotel owners for Mise’s timely and cost effective designs meeting the hotel operator’s standards.

James Lawson

Project Manager, Hilton Kampala Uganda, AYA Investments, LTD

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