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Restaurant Kitchen Medium Equipment

Our list of restaurant kitchen medium equipment is comprised of various multipurpose and specialty equipment selections that you may find in just about any restaurant kitchen design concept. Since many of the items in our category of restaurant kitchen medium...

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Restaurant Kitchen Small Equipment

The restaurant kitchen small equipment is the next category of a restaurant owner will need to account for in their start-up budget. Depending on the size of your commercial kitchen design concept, this can be one of the more expensive restaurant kitchen equipment...

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Restaurant Kitchen Small Hand Tools

We typically only assist clients with major equipment specifications, but many times we are asked to provide a list of restaurant kitchen small hand tools that may be needed for their operation. Every restaurant kitchen design project will have their own specific...

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Restaurant Concepts That Work

I was recently contacted on by someone in need of guidance with some restaurant concepts advice. His partner was exploring the idea of opening either an Italian or Greek style restaurant. He had some very specific questions about which...

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