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The Benefits of Hiring Restaurant Consulting Firms

If you have been offering ordinary service to your customers, do not expect your business to soar to the top. However, if you want to be a renowned restaurant at the top of its game, you should consider using restaurant consulting firms. These...

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Considered Using Commercial Kitchen Consultants?

Why You Should Consider Using Commercial Kitchen Consultants Whether you are opening a new location, or you are ready to expand your current commercial kitchen design to keep up with the demand of your already successful foodservice business, experienced...

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Free Food Cost Calculator

The single most important task a foodservice professional can do to help ensure the success of their business is to use a food cost calculator to begin building their business plan. Clients ask us all the time if we could recommend a free food cost...

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Restaurant Kitchen Range Options

Regardless of the type of cuisine, every restaurant in the world will have some form of restaurant kitchen range in their commercial kitchen design. Pricing can range from a relatively inexpensive $4,000 restaurant kitchen range, to over $10,000 for heavy duty models....

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Kitchen Design Blog Award

Our industry is not typically one who receives many accolades or recognition beyond happy clients and a feeling of preforming a job well done, but today Mise Design Group was acknowledged with a Kitchen Design Blog Award from the Blog Post:...

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American Restaurant Kitchen Design

Just as America is a melting pot of cuisines and cultures, so too is an American restaurant kitchen design concept. Almost every classically trained American chef will tell you that the foundation of their cooking style may be rooted in classical French...

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Restaurant Kitchen Charbroiler

One thing restaurant owners know for sure is that customer tastes change. However, no matter what the latest and greatest trends are in the foodservice industry, customers never tire of foods cooked on a restaurant kitchen charbroiler. Perhaps it is a deep rooted...

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Restaurant Kitchen Design Tips for Success

Restaurant kitchen design tips begin with the layout and the best way to do that is by bouncing ideas off a restaurant consultant. The end-product must be efficient while the performance of the personnel working there is optimized. It's a high stress,...

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Restaurant Kitchen Griddle

Often underappreciated, the restaurant kitchen griddle can easily be called the backbone of many a restaurant. Installed most often in diners and quick service restaurants, a restaurant kitchen griddle is one of the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment you can...

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Restaurant Kitchen Deep Fat Fryer

A restaurant kitchen deep fat fryer is a must have piece of equipment for most commercial kitchen design projects. Most people love fried food, but not so much the time, effort and clean-up that goes along with frying at home; so restaurants are happy to oblige and...

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