I love LinkedIn!

I always find some great information on the latest and greatest innovations in the equipment industry, particularly commercial kitchen hoods… Just 1 day after posting that our new blog was live, I received a great note from John-Andreas Johnson, Foodservice Manager for Halton Industries covering Norway and Iceland with a note about commercial kitchen exhaust hoods. Check out his note to me and the Halton website. These guys always seem to be on the forefront of energy savings and Eco-friendly options for restaurants and hotels… Which of course, is at the heart of my philosophy on traveling through life in general. Make sure to also check out our post on Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Guidelines.

Thanks John and I hope to get to see one up close and personal very soon!

John-Andreas Johnsen • After 7 years working with HVAC design for commercial kitchen hoods and ceiling, a new trend in Norway is UV systems together with water wash. Clean uv and clean greasefilters every day! We have a demand for heat recovery because of the cooooold winter;-(.

Also our new VAV system for hoods and ceilings, M.A.R.V.E.L. is cutting the energy consumption for the HVAC system by at least 50%. Check out www.halton.com for more info ;-)

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