Understanding Your Needs

While setting up a new restaurant, we often cover all the main aspect of restaurant kitchen design and setup but since we are not architects or interior designers, we do not make specifications on the physical structure of the building. These seemingly minute details affect a restaurant staff performance on daily basis. One of these elements is the commercial kitchen doors. Yes, you read it right. Often neglected in the first place, because most the designers and restaurateurs overlook its importance. Choosing the wrong door can affect the maneuverability and free flow of the kitchen staff and servers to deliver food to your customers. And we all know very well that getting food delivered as soon as possible is the primary expectation of your customers. So here are some important points to keep in mind when choosing restaurant kitchen doors for you restaurant.

High Speed Automatic Commercial Kitchen Doors

First thing to keep in mind while choosing a kitchen door is how fast it operates. The doors must be extremely smooth in their operation with no hindrance whatsoever. In fact doors must be like they are floating in the air and do not require any effort at all to open it. This will ensure the hassle free maneuvering of staff and food from kitchen to table and vice versa.

Double Action Doors (Movable In Both Directions)

Choosing a double action door over a single action door gives the over all advantage of space for the movement of staff and food to and fro. The commercial kitchen doors opening in both directions accommodate the two way traffic at the same time. Hence the increase in efficiency.

Material Selection

Material of the doors should be chosen as per it endurance to cope with all type of harsh usage and to bear the repeated washing for the cleaning purposes. Keep in mind the mantra of the health department… Smooth, nonporous and easily cleanable.

Silent Operation

Squealing of the doors often causes disturbances in the  ambiance of a restaurant. This repeated squealing often irritates customers who come to your restaurant to spend some time outside and to get away from daily life annoyances. This is one major turn off factor for most customers. So for the customer satisfaction and retention, silent door operation is the an absolute necessity so make sure to maintain your door mechanicals.

Tinted Panels

In order to avoid any accidents in kitchen, use tinted vision panels on you commercial kitchen doors. These panels will not give the clear vision from the outside, but enough vision to the staff from inside. This can help avoid the usual crashes and accidents that happens while delivering the food to customer table from the kitchen. This will also improve the overall satisfaction of the customers regarding the staff experience due to increased efficiency.

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