Why You Should Consider Using Commercial Kitchen Consultants

Whether you are opening a new location, or you are ready to expand your current commercial kitchen design to keep up with the demand of your already successful foodservice business, experienced commercial kitchen consultants may be the answer. They will help you to balance your wishes with your needs, and guide you toward your ideal profitability, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, there are many reasons why you will want a team of expert commercial kitchen consultants to help guide you through this extensive process.

How Commercial Kitchen Consultants May Help

Fresh Eyes

If you have been dreaming about your new commercial kitchen, you may have missed a few matters of practicality. Let’s be honest, you have been working hard to realize this dream, and practical matters don’t always play major roles in our dreams. You know what you want, but you may not know what you need. We have all worked with equipment that we would love to have in our own kitchens, most of us would probably need a kitchen the length of a football field to fit everything that we dream of having at our disposal. That is one of many areas that commercial kitchen consultants can help. Commercial kitchen design services provide options to design a kitchen that reflects your concept and flows well with the menu that you have created while offering an objective viewpoint of how to balance your wishes and those pesky, but necessary practical details.

Experience Matters

If you are considering working with commercial kitchen consultants to help turn your dream into a reality, you will want a team with hands-on experience. Only a restaurant consulting firm whose staff have worked in the industry have firsthand knowledge of how a commercial kitchen operates on a daily basis,  and how efficiency translates to dollars in foodservice. These types of consultants can effectively guide you toward the realization of your dream kitchen. Of course, there are many consultants out there that know a lot about equipment, and have been fitting it into commercial kitchens for many years; but without the benefit of the intimate knowledge of the fast-paced inner workings of a kitchen.

Advocates for the Success of Your Business

Many commercial kitchen consultants, justifiably so, will prioritize the success of their own business. However, a team that understands that their success will be mirrored in yours will be with you for the long haul. To get the most out of this experience, you will want to find consultants that understand all aspects of the process and will stick with you from the initial planning stages, all the way through construction, and until you fire up that grill for the first time.

Regulation Experts

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could pursue your dreams without involving a small army of city, county, and state regulators? Sadly, for the dreamers out there, this is not at all the case. At the very least, depending on your location, you will need to contend with the regulations and codes imposed upon our industry by building, fire, and health department inspectors. Presumably, while you were fantasizing about finally opening your own place, it wasn’t the thought of pages of regulatory codes and legalese that put a smile on your face. Consultants that are versed in navigating the regulatory conditions of the food-service industry provide an invaluable service and will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

Design Consultants that Supply and Install Equipment?

You may find this hard to believe but this is actually a thing, and you will most likely benefit from this type of firm. You don’t need someone that will pass your dream, in the form of a blueprint into the hands of a contractor and walk away. There are not many, but there are commercial kitchen consultants that you can rely on to not only supply you with the equipment but will oversee the successful installation.

A Proven Track Record

Before teaming up with any consultant, you will want to do your research. Does the firm have a track record of success? How extensive is their portfolio? Do they provide testimonials from satisfied customers? Only after you have done your due diligence will you feel confident moving forward with your choice of the available commercial kitchen consultants.

It Should Be Pretty

There is so much that goes into commercial kitchen design, some of it you may not have even realized until now, but the one thing that we all know is that it should be pretty. It’s your dream! When all is said and done you will want to walk through the doors and see the shiny, fresh, clean lines, and flow that has been the very essence of your vision. You want to find a consultant with a true understanding of aesthetics, who will embrace your vision and show you how to get there as expeditiously as possible, while keeping your dream and budget in mind.

Guest Blog Post By: Chef Lisa May

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