Coffee and tea are the most highly consumed beverages in the world, so it is no surprise that we are frequently asked to develop coffee shop design projects such as Juice ‘n Beans and Bourbon Coffee. Offering everything from your standard brew to artisanal specialty beverages, a coffee shop design requires a level of operating efficiency and execution like no other foodservice concept we develop so we will outline some of the key factors to success in this and upcoming posts.

People tend to be creatures of habit, and that habit may mean that they like to have the same morning beverage every single day. As such, it is no surprise that companies like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks have acquired cult like followings over the years. Now, which of the aforementioned brews is better than the other would be debated fiercely, but one thing these two companies have in common is their consistency of product and speed of execution.

Consistency is the name of the game in the hot beverage industry and if you don’t have it, you are on the fast track to closing your doors. Ensuring you have the recipe processes and systems in place so that every employee is trained on how to properly execute each beverage offering, every single time, is critical to developing your own following. There is nothing worse than finding a coffee shop that you really enjoy, only to have your beverage taste a little bit different every time you visit.

The more traditional coffee shop design concept is one that relies on the training and skill of the employees for consistency. This is achieved with rigorous training systems, along with meticulous follow-up and oversight of the day-to-day process of serving their customers. This is obviously a labor-intensive approach, but it can also clearly be successful as Starbucks has so obviously illustrated when they first opened their doors so many years ago.

The standard coffee shop design has not remained untouched by advancements in technology and convenience and Dunkin’ Donuts has capitalized on many of the technological advancements that have come to the coffee industry. Manufacturers are making it easier and easier for coffee shop owners to increase the consistency of their products by offering “smart” coffee and espresso equipment that can be programmed to execute recipes with as little an interaction as an employee simply pushing a button. Companies like Bunn, Schaerer and Franke to name a few, have added technology to their coffee brewers and espresso machines that allow the operator to program almost every aspect of making a hot beverage for their customers, all with the simple push of a button. From a simple black coffee to a Caffé Latte and my personal favorite, the Americano, coffee brewing manufacturers are making it easier and easier to develop a coffee shop design that allows the operator to provide consistent drinks to their customers, every hour of every day.

Utilizing an experienced restaurant kitchen design firm to assist you in selecting the coffee and espresso brewing equipment that is right for you and your concept is the first step to achieving that cult like following every operator dreams of.


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