If you have a bar and want to make it stand out to your customers, it is vital you have a good understanding of the bar design basics. Having the proper design grabs attention and boosts your bottom line. You must find a design style that works for you and inspires your customers to keep coming back. Learn the basics before you do anything else, and make sure your liquor bar meets these design requirements if you want to get the best results.

Basic Design

Keep your liquor bar easy to navigate. Make it easy for your customers to reach the bar, and you do not want to have tables or anything else in the way. Keep standard shopping patterns in mind with this step if you do not want to lose sales. Your liquor shelf and advertisement should be around eye level.

Although you want your most expensive liquor on the top shelf, keep your most popular selections near eye level to ensure they grab attention, which is a key bar design basic. Make sure you have enough room between tables for people to walk. With a few basic design tips, your restaurant bar will soon look better than ever.


The layout and design of your menu are also important. Some people overlook the importance of having a good menu design, and they lose sales as a result. Consider what your customers experience when they view your menu. They want to find their meal without any trouble, so make sure they can. Keep your most popular drinks and meals on the front of your menu.

Organize everything else in its own category, and you will be moving in the right direction. Use fonts that are easy to read for the best results. If you have food and drinks people love but don’t get the results you want, consider updating your menu’s design. Use different design ideas to get an idea of what works better than the rest.

Fish Tank

If you are looking for a way to take your results even further, you have come to the right place. You are about to get additional ideas to make your bar stand apart from the rest. Your restaurant bar will look great with a fish tank. The size of your fish tank impacts the results you get. A small fish tank improves the environment a little but use a large fish tank for the biggest impact. Some bars place a large fish tank behind the liquor shelf.

Keep Your Cigars Safe

Depending on your state, smoking is banned in most areas. However, you can have cigars if you run your bar as a private club or if you have an outside smoking area. Make sure you keep your cigars safe so that they do not lose their flavor. Also, ensure you have a proper display case to show off your cigars.

Your customers will notice, and your cigar sales increase. Keep customer favorites near the front to ensure they notice. Experiment with different cigar types to see what your customers enjoy the most.

Piano Bar

Depending on the style of your bar, having a piano might improve your environment. Having someone who knows how to play the piano is a great way to attract business to your restaurant. You can also use an old piano as a decoration if you want to do so. Your piano improves the look of your bar in more ways than you might think. If you use a vintage design, get a classical piano.

Use Local Themes

Using local themes is another great bar design basic idea for your establishment. You cannot go wrong when you theme your bar after local sports teams. Put team logos in your building if you have permission to do so. If your bar is near local landmarks, use them as a theme.

You could even put a train set above your bar if you live near a train yard. Get creative when you choose a theme, and your customers will not have trouble noticing the difference. The right theme enhances your bar and improves your bottom line. The right theme even makes it more fun to go to work every day.

Keep Your Customers in Mind

Bar design basics are about keeping your customers in mind with each choice. You want to make your restaurant stand apart from the rest, but you also want to get as much business as you need. Before making any major changes to your bar, try asking your customers for design ideas. Ask about the themes they would enjoy, and you will be off to a good start. Keep in mind, though, that people do not always know what they want. You must keep these things in mind but make your own choice in the end.

Hire a Restaurant Consultant to go beyond the Bar Design Basics

If you are not sure what path to take, you cannot go wrong with a restaurant consultant. A consultant will come to your bar and look at your current design. Your consultant then goes over some ideas you might want to consider before you choose an option. You should first explore design ideas that improve your restaurant and prevent your customers from running into problems.

The next step beyond the bar design basics, is in exploring design ideas that take your restaurant to the next level. This includes theming your restaurant and adding a unique touch that stands apart from the herd, improving your results and putting a smile on your face.

Final Thoughts

If you want a restaurant kitchen design for your business that works for you and your customers, consider the design tips you read. They let you take your restaurant or bar to a whole new level, and you will attract more business as a result. The restaurant kitchen design ideas make you stand miles above the rest. If you have trouble coming up with design ideas that work for you, an expert will have your back each step of the way.

The expert you hire will have your needs in mind and make your dreams a reality. If boosting your bottom line is your goal, you will be happy with your new ideas beyond the bar design basics. The right liquor bar design works wonders for your bar and boosts your profit. With an effective liquor bar design, you stand apart from the competition.

Guest post written by Jackie Sullivan

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