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About Our Restaurant Kitchen Design Firm

Mise Designs is a commercial kitchen design, supply, and operations consulting firm founded by a classically trained professional chef. With over 15 years of operating experience, our restaurant kitchen design firm knows what it takes to run a successful kitchen!

The process of creating a successful restaurant is not unlike creating an awe-inspiring food experience. It takes creativity, passion, flow, and balance. Every aspect must work in harmony with the other, complementing and contrasting in ways that few outside our industry can understand. Just like the dish that inspired your drive to bring it to the public, so should the surroundings you create it in inspire you.

Successful food service operations grow in a way that best allows their customers to share in their passion. To do this effectively, the chef must have the right tools to bring their concept to a reality. From concept to creation, Mise Designs offers a 360-degree approach to developing your food service operation, bringing your inspired concept to a profitable reality. Since each menu has different needs and each facility its own limitations, we use an individualized design approach that is as unique and varied as our clients.

A Small Restaurant Kitchen Design Firm With Big Abilities

  • We keep our active project list small, which gives us the ability to offer fast turnaround times and a guarantee that you receive the personalized service we have become known and sought out for.
  • We can act as the single source to develop your entire concept or as a support designer on a large team of professionals.
  • Regardless of the size of the project, every kitchen operates on culinary principles that have existed for generations. Understanding your culinary execution strategy is our key to ensuring that we get it right the first time, and you get the most value out of your commercial kitchen investment.
  • We help you navigate the health department permit minefield by acting as the first point of contact and acquiring all required documentation to help make sure you receive approval on the first submission.
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Our approach as a Restaurant Kitchen Design Firm

We pride ourselves in servicing our clients’ needs from both a functional and financial standpoint. We gain a detailed understanding of your concept by evaluating your menu and plans for operation. From there, we take our years of culinary experience and foodservice equipment knowledge to create a commercial kitchen design that is both efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally beneficial wherever possible.

We approach every project we design as if we were working with our own money! We advise our clients where they should spend valuable capital and where they should save it. This makes our approach not only uncommon but also provides value to our clients far beyond the completion of our contract. Our commitment is to surpass the normal client and restaurant kitchen design firm relationship. We see you, our client, as our partner in business for as long as you may need us.

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