Your restaurant is one of the hundreds, even thousands, in your town. What makes your guest experience stand out? You might serve mouth-watering food in a classy neighborhood, but if you’re not wowing your guests with a memorable restaurant experience, they won’t be back. Take a look on Yelp, Zomato, or Open Table, and you’ll quickly see a common thread: Return customers are looking for great customer service and welcoming ambiance. If they don’t get it at your place, they’ll find it somewhere else. 

Want to ensure that your customers will have the best restaurant experience possible? Follow these eight tips to keep your restaurant guests coming back for more.

1. Greet Customers at the Door.

Train your team to cheerfully greet everyone who walks through the door and help your restaurant guests feel noticed right from the get-go. It’s a surefire way to start their experience off with a warm fuzzy feeling.

2. Set the Table. 

We don’t mean dishes and napkins, although having those pre-set certainly saves time. Set a small vase with a fresh-cut flower on each table, or come up with something unique and memorable. This little touch shows that you care about your guest experience.

3. Managers and Owners Should Say Hello.

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If you want your guests to feel a connection with your restaurant, get to know them. Even if it’s just a cameo every once in a while, greeting your customers personally will make them feel valued. 

4. Feedback Matters.

You may think you know everything about how to create the best guest experience at your restaurant, but your guests might think otherwise. If you have review websites set up, use them to your advantage. Genuinely respond to feedback when you are able, and implement it into your business when it makes sense.

5. Rotate Locally Crafted Beverages. 

Beer, wine, kombucha, tea — the list goes on and on. Local brews are cropping up everywhere, and you’ll gain points with your customers if you rotate a tap of local offerings. 

6. Technology Is Your Friend.

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Aim for a mix of personal touch and technology. Too much of one or the other can seem either outdated or too techy. Find out what works for you and helps your restaurant run efficiently: online reservation booking, digital payments, etc.

7. Set Mood Music.

Nothing is more off-putting than dead silence. Turn on mellow jams or even match the music to your crowd. Earn extra points by booking a local band. 

8. Make Every Customer Feel Special. 

“Cheers” wasn’t a hit television show for nothing. Hold your team accountable to ensure that every person who walks through the door feels like a friend. From greeting your guests by name to simply asking them how their day was, being personable with your customers will set them at ease and keep them coming back.

Your restaurant isn’t just about excellent food. It’s about the guest experience, utilizing up-to-date technology, keeping up on trends, and much more. Mise Designs knows food service, and we can help you design the restaurant kitchen of your dreams.

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