Restaurant Kitchen Design & Layout Services


In a Restaurant Kitchen Design and Layout, the most critical component is “The Menu”. It helps answer all strategic design questions and provides guidance throughout the design and construction process.

Unlike a typical design firm, Mise Designs begins our process with an analysis of your menu – we break it down into the primary culinary techniques and reassemble the information in a way that seamlessly communicates our needs to other design and construction professionals. It is this approach in developing a restaurant kitchen layout that can make the difference to ensure the highest level of speed and efficiency possible of the culinary staff.

Personalized Approach to Your Restaurant Kitchen Layout

Our principals of an effective restaurant kitchen design are the most unique and personalized of all the food service operations we utilize in the development of our client projects. Every restaurant kitchen has its own individual identity, which must be understood fundamentally in order for it to function and prosper. Mise Designs creates a restaurant kitchen layout that will optimize your flow, function and efficiency; subsequently making for a more pleasant work environment and thus, translating into a more profitable bottom line.


Restaurant Kitchen Medium Equipment

Our list of restaurant kitchen medium equipment is comprised of various multipurpose and specialty equipment selections that you may find in just about any restaurant kitchen design concept. Since many of the items in our category of restaurant kitchen medium...

Restaurant Kitchen Stovetop Cookware

There are many choices available to today's professional chef, so it is important to be fluent in the myriad of options for different types of restaurant kitchen stovetop cookware. Depending on your style of cuisine, some of the following items may be of great...

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